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Knavs, Nina

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Dnevnik - Slovenia | 01/08/2011

Slovenia's junk food tax sensible

Slovenia's government has announced plans for an excise tax on unhealthy foods and sugary drinks to reduce consumption of these products. The left-liberal daily Dnevnik welcomes the plan: "Although these completely superfluous foods that are part of our everyday life don't cost much, we end up paying a high price for them. The number of diabetics is rising, also among children. In the end, each individual pays the price because treating chronic illnesses caused by overweight is expensive. The excise tax that aims to make products that make people fat more expensive and therefore less attractive will be viewed initially like all other measures by the public health system as further state interference with people's right to enjoy themselves. Therefore it's important that the tax revenues are used for health programmes aimed at reducing the damage caused by an unhealthy lifestyle."

Dnevnik - Slovenia | 09/09/2010

Slovenian doctors up in arms about overtime

The Slovenian minister of health and the head of the physicians' trade union reached a compromise on Wednesday in the dispute over how much doctors are paid by the state for doing overtime. Doctors will once again be on call, but the conflict is not yet over, writes the daily Dnevnik: "For now, but only for now, patients can breathe a sigh of relief, provided the government accepts what Health Minister Dorian Marušič and the head of the physicians' union Konrad Kuštrin agreed yesterday. But if the dispute over standby duty was a rehearsal for the healthcare reform and major changes in the organisation of the healthcare system, we certainly still have cause for worry. … If the government doesn't get clear about what it wants and what it is willing to sacrifice to achieve it, the next round of conflicts will be really explosive."

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