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Klyvienė, Violeta

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Delfi - Lithuania | 10/04/2013

Slovenia must reform its banking sector

According to OECD reports made public on Tuesday, Slovenia is not a candidate for the euro bailout mechanism despite the dramatic situation of its banking sector. Responsible policies can save the country, writes Violeta Klyvienė, Danske Bank's senior financial analyst for the Baltic states, on the news portal Delfi: "If Slovenia's new government takes decisive measures to restructure the banking sector, the country will be able to escape the fate of Greece and Cyprus. The new Finance Minister Uroš Čufer, who worked for a long time at the Bank of Slovenia and counts among the country's technocrats, also gives cause for hope. Above all, rational and depoliticised decisions are indispensable for this crisis-ridden euro country. ... The key question is if the new coalition government will be able to come to an agreement on restructuring the state banks. This is the most important precondition for securing the financing necessary to recapitalise the Slovenian banking sector."

Delfi - Lithuania | 25/08/2010

Lithuania profits from EU membership

The British MEP Nigel Farage has said that the smaller EU member states have lost everything by joining the Union. News portal Delfi takes a different view: "Can we give our unconditional approval to this entirely negative assessment by a confessed Eurosceptic? The benefits of EU membership consist in being part of the customs union, the single market, the freedom of movement and the structural funds. It's difficult to put a precise figure on the financial benefits, but Lithuania definitely receives more from the EU than it pays into the joint budget. ... Would economic independence be at all possible? The example of Iceland shows that it is not, particularly in times of crisis, because small countries like Iceland or Lithuania are left hopelessly exposed. On the other hand membership in the EU guarantees that every country can count on a certain amount of aid in difficult times."

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