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Klvaňa, Tomáš

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Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 11/11/2014

In a normal state Zeman would have to go

More than 70,000 Czechs have signed a petition demanding President Miloš Zeman's resignation after he used bad language and made disparaging remarks about the government in an interview aired on the Czech radio station Cro1. Many Czechs seem to have lost their patience with Zeman, the conservative daily Lidové noviny observes, but sees a petition as an ineffective instrument: "Does it bother you that President Zeman is embarrassing us internationally? ... That he hands out state medals to people because they openly curry his favour? That he withdraws invitations to official ceremonies because he doesn't like them? ... In a normal, healthy society Zeman would have to resign. In a normal, healthy society however Zeman would never have become president in the first place. So what can we do? Internet petitions won't help, even if 700,000 people sign them. If you want the parliament to remove him from office in accordance with the constitution you will have to take to the streets."

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