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Klucho, Jozef

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Blog Sme - Slovakia | 31/01/2010

Bribery affair disappoints Slovakians

The former Slovakian governing party, the Christian liberal SDKU of Mikuláš Dzurinda, is reported to have accepted bribe money during the privatisation of land process. Jozef Klucho, in his blog in the daily Sme, expresses his disillusionment: "There isn't a single parliamentary party in Slovakia that never had this kind of problem. It would be naïve to think that those who are not yet in parliament would not steal. Sooner or later, every party falls back on this 'working method.' They may have moral intentions to serve those who give them their mandate. But these moral principles break down as soon as comes to 'providing' for friends or relatives. Of our politicians, 99 out of 100 will be weak in such instances. ... The quagmire and experiences of communism, that taught us that one can and must steal, has been transferred to our children. Notwithstanding that we live in a Christian land."

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