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Klok, Pieter

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De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 22/10/2015

EU ruling on Starbucks is fair

The EU Commission ruled on Wednesday that the Netherlands' tax deal with US coffee company Starbucks is illegal under its state aid rules. The country must now demand that the company pay between 20 and 30 million euros in taxes. The centre-left daily De Volkskrant sees this as a step towards more fiscal justice: "Up to now the EU Commission has aimed for tax harmonisation. … But no country wants to be told how high its taxes should be. They all want the freedom to lure companies with favourable tax regulations. This race to zero is hard to stop. But now EU [competition] commissioner Margrethe Vestager has found a far more effective method. … From now on companies face the prospect of their tax deals being revoked by the EU Commission. This will have an immense deterrent impact. … [The Ministry of Finances] should welcome the decision rather than appealing against it."

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