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Klingner, Susanne

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Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 02/01/2012

Women need ambition, not diets

The New Year's resolutions of many women are confined to diet plans, author Susanne Klingner complains in the left-leaning daily taz: "If only even three women would tell me that they have resolved to be more assertive, more politically active or demand more pay from their boss. Yet women are no less ambitious than men even if they pretend to be. Women are generally expected to be modest and if they do show that they're ambitious they are often the target of nasty comments - from both men and women or even particularly from women. ... So what to do? Because women are still judged mainly by their looks and judge each other on that basis too, far too many of them invest their suppressed ambition in their figures and looks. They plan diets as meticulously as men plan their next career move. ... And spend as much time concentrating on their bodies as men spend networking."

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