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Klingl, Livia

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Kurier - Austria | 04/08/2010

Putin also to blame for forest fires

Firefighters in Russia have so far failed to bring the catastrophic forest fires raging in the country under control. The number of people who have died in the fires has risen to more than 50. The forest blazes highlight many of Vladimir Putin's political mistakes in an authoritarian Russia, writes the daily Kurier: "Vladimir Putin likes to pose as a sporting master at making prompt decisions. ... Consequently he has neglected to mention that the fires are a direct consequence of a decree he himself issued in 2007. Putin got rid of the forest guards and created thousands of administration jobs instead - securing thousands of compliant voters. His deal with the people is: We'll take care of you, but you keep your mouths shut. Anyone who doesn't comply is - like 140 friends of democracy [at an opposition demonstration] on the weekend - subjected to police-state methods. In a compliant nation you can't expect anyone to think for themselves, or that there will even be enough rubber boots for the firefighters in an emergency, not to mention high-tech equipment."

Kurier - Austria | 14/06/2010

Russia's help urgently needed

Kyrgyzstan has no chance of stopping the ethnic madness that has taken hold in the south of the country. It needs help from Russia, the daily Kurier writes, and quickly: "What use is it to know that Stalin's perfidious population policy created the present patchwork of peoples? What use are suspicions that ex-president Bakiyev and his clan based in the south is inciting the violence. Nor is it any consolation that the bloody anarchy in the Fergana valley is being fought out above all among economically disoriented and therefore easy to manipulate Muslims. It is vital to put an end to the hate of the have-nots. For hate only produces more violence, suffering, destruction and in the end poverty. The only powerful player Russia is hesitating. But as all the many ethnic carnages and their potential domino effect on other countries have shown, swift action is required. Otherwise the horror will spread everywhere."

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