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Klimovičs, Atis

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Diena - Latvia | 05/11/2013

Nato defends Baltic against Russia

A Nato exercise with 6,000 soldiers from all the member states started in Latvia and Poland on the weekend. With this one-week manoeuvre which simulates an enemy attack on Nato territory the alliance wants to test its troops' readiness for combat. The liberal daily Diena welcomes the exercise: "This manoeuvre right on Russia's doorstep answers a delicate question: whether Nato has a plan for the defence of the Baltic countries. Of course it does. That is proven by the 3,000 soldiers that Poland alone has now deployed. The relocation [of the planning staff] from the military headquarters to Latvia is a signal that Nato is equally concerned about the security of all its member states. This is also a clear message to those countries for whom the existence of the Baltic states is still a source of headaches. To this day Russia is still annoyed about the goal of the manoeuvre. Because according to the Kremlin it all harks back to the atmosphere during the Cold War."

Diena - Latvia | 29/10/2013

Georgia has proven itself ready for Nato

With its presidential election on the weekend Georgia has proven its democratic maturity and now finally has a credible opposition led by David Bakradse, the liberal daily Diena comments, hoping the country will soon be allowed to join Nato: "The political maturity of Georgia's society is a strong argument for the Western allies to reach their long-anticipated decision on Georgia's Nato membership. The Georgians finally want to live according to Western standards; this was already clear in the last local elections. It's now time to take the historic decision on Georgia's accession to Nato. In addition the two key political forces, the newly elected president and the opposition leader (who between them garnered almost 90 percent of the vote), are pursuing a common course - a pro-Western one."

Diena - Latvia | 17/09/2013

Moscow punishes Lithuania

Russia's tightening of controls at its border with Lithuania near Kaliningrad is nothing but a reprisal for the small former Soviet republic's inconvenient policies, the daily Diena comments: "All Russia's neighbours, at least those that are former Soviet republics, know how unpredictable relations with the former 'centre' can be. You never know when Moscow is going to spring an unpleasant surprise and provide a 'logical' explanation for it. ... There's no doubt that this time the Kremlin is punishing Lithuania for its activities: President Dalia Grybauskaitė's successful visit to Washington, the EU Council presidency, the upcoming EU summit in November. It's already clear that in November all eyes will be on the relations between the EU and Ukraine. Moscow is particularly worried that an association agreement could then be signed in Kiev. This would raise the ties between the EU and Ukraine to a new level and create the basis for a historic turning point in the region."

Diena - Latvia | 19/07/2012

Only intervention can end violence in Syria

Since Wednesday's attack on key figures of Bashar al-Assad's regime in Damascus the president has little hope of maintaining his grip on power, writes the liberal daily Diena, but adds that the bloodshed in Syria will continue if the West doesn't resort to military force: "There is still not much hope that the UN Security Council will be able to agree on any measures whatsoever. As in that other Arab state, Libya, the no-fly zone and the use of Nato air combat forces played an important role in ending the bloody fighting. In Syria there is no repeat of this scenario and now we can see that without the use of the military the violence will continue. In the meantime all the international community has managed to do is recognise that there is a civil war in Syria."

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