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Klekowski, Łukasz

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Fakt - Poland | 18/11/2013

EU as colourful and ephemeral as a rainbow

After Polish nationalists set a rainbow sculpture alight a week ago in the belief that it celebrates homosexuality, the media have been discussing the original meaning of the artwork. For the tabloid Fakt it symbolises the weakness of the EU: "Of course it's got nothing to do with gays. But it is a symbol, even if it also doesn't stands for reconciliation and tolerance, as the leaflet that was distributed when it was inaugurated says. Rather the rainbow is a symbol of the EU. Because the community is also a kind of artificial entity that's been erected in the centre of our continent. It is multicoloured and it shines. And it is thought of as a paradise for tolerance and progress. Ostensibly it cares for the weak and the poor. But all it takes is one match to set this pseudo-symbol on fire."

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