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Klein, Nicolas

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Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 24/06/2015

Debt repayment by Athens a pipe dream

Athens and its creditors are under great pressure ahead of the next meeting of Eurozone finance ministers today in view of the prospect of Greece defaulting. The liberal daily Le Quotidien sees no option but a debt write-down: "The European leaders are hesitating and have delayed tackling the core of the problem: Greek debt. ... Despite the austerity imposed by the creditors Greek debt has never stopped rising over the last few years, reaching 180 percent of GDP today. And it's difficult to imagine that new tax hikes will change that. It's time to admit that this debt will never be paid off. Short of turning Greece into a third-world country, there is no choice but to reduce its debt burden."

Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 13/05/2015

Rich renting poor women's wombs should be banned

Luxembourg wants to ban surrogate motherhood and make breaches punishable by law. The liberal daily Le Quotidien criticises that trading with women's wombs has long been the reality, and has exploited the plight of women in developing countries: "Of course there will always be 'surrogate mothers' who say they've helped an infertile couple for purely altruistic reasons. Even if you don't want to cast doubt on such philanthropic motives it must be conceded that the laws of the market will win out and that these women are the exception at the global level. What will in fact happen - and what is already happening in India for example - is that impoverished women will rent out their wombs to rich couples. For a couple wanting to have a child, being sterile means terrible suffering. But curing this suffering must not mean exploiting people who live thousands of kilometres away."

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