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Klein, Helle

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Aftonbladet - Sweden | 26/05/2009

European elections: Get rid of the right-wing extremists!

"In the wake of mass unemployment and growing social tensions Europe's right-wing extremists see a great opportunity", the Swedish daily Aftonbladet writes. "Fascists and Nazis are openly marching on the streets of Italy, France, Germany and Hungary. And unfortunately here in Sweden too, where we have some of the most violent Nazi groups and where the [right-wing populist] Sweden Democrats have great expectations. They want to use the EU elections as a platform for their half-baked ideas. … In Holland, the party of anti-Muslim demagogue Geert Wilders has become the most popular political party. In Austria Jörg Haider's old Freedom Party of Austria has gained confidence on the tide of the last parliamentary election. … The great risk is that the established political parties begin to flirt with the nationalist and reactionary forces. Denmark is an alarming example of this. May the European elections instead become a manifestation for a Europe of diversity, which stands united both socially and economically. Vote the right-wing extremists out of office!"

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