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Kleer, Christiane

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Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 11/07/2012

Juncker's sacrifice was his triumph

At their meeting on Tuesday the finance ministers of the Euro Group gave their current boss Jean-Claude Juncker a new mandate for a maximum of two and a half years. For Juncker this is a triumph even though he is said to be weary of the post, the left-liberal daily Le Quotidien concludes: "The German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, who had seriously flirted with the post, was left empty-handed. The harmony between Europe's two most powerful countries [Germany and France] seems a little dented, something Juncker, who was always distrustful of the Merkozy duo's dominance, no doubt regards with satisfaction. But Juncker's greatest triumph is the compromise he made contingent on his agreement to stay in office. The precondition stipulated by the [Luxembourg] prime minister will no doubt open the doors of the ECB Executive Board to the head of Luxembourg's central bank, Yves Mersch, after several failed attempts. This clever move by Juncker, his 'sacrifice', will consolidate Luxembourg's place on the European stage."

Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 30/11/2010

Aids concerns everyone

Education must play the key role in the fight against HIV/Aids, writes the daily Le Quotidien on World Aids Day: "The value of education is higher than it ever was. Even if the virus has been known for almost 30 years, it is not about to disappear. In our region the disease can no longer be considered only a problem for homosexuals or drug addicts, and people should stop naively praising Aids treatment to the skies. Although it can be effective, it considerably constrains patients in their daily lives. In southern countries NGOs and associations must demonstrate their endurance in the ongoing battle against the obsolete attitudes which still exist."

Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 22/07/2010

BP drills even deeper in the Mediterranean

Despite the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico BP wants to set up a new platform off the coast of Libya in August that will drill even deeper than Deepwater Horizon. The daily Le Quotidien accuses the company of greed and calls for stricter security measures: "This goldmine on Tripoli's doorstep promises huge profits, and BP's management - as weak as it may be - has no intention of playing the good student and learning from past mistakes. But the activity planned in the waters off Libya is not just characterised by a lack of responsibility and extraordinary greed. ... It is also political in nature. Britain's interest in the new Mediterranean rig is undeniable. In future the challenge will be to close the security loopholes on the platform ... and above all to put an end to our dependency on oil as quickly as possible."

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