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Kleck, Doris

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Tages-Anzeiger - Switzerland | 24/06/2015

EU commuters a burden on Swiss border regions

Commuters from EU countries have become a real burden for Switzerland, the centre-left daily Tages-Anzeiger warns, pointing to a recent study on freedom of movement between the EU and Switzerland: "One in four employees in Ticino is now a commuter. For the most part they are the ones who account for the growth in employment - and they earn on average around 12 percent less than Swiss citizens and foreigners living in Switzerland. This pay gap has more than doubled since 2000. Added to that, salaries have risen more slowly in Ticino and the region around Lake Geneva than in the rest of Switzerland. At the same time the unemployment rate in the regions with the highest proportion of commuters has risen faster than average. Particularly as the report refers to data from before the end of the policy of capping the Swiss franc against the euro. The strong franc makes the border regions particularly vulnerable."

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