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Kılıçdağı, Ohannes

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Agos - Turkey | 11/09/2015

Turkey must recognised Kurds' suffering

The growing violence of the PKK in Turkey can be explained by looking at the country's history, the weekly of the Armenian minority Agos writes, and accuses the ruling AKP of ignoring the lessons of the past: "Do you really believe that experiences like the use of gas bombs in Dersim [in 1938], the hundreds of people branded as rebels and hung without a proper trial, the torture practised at Diyarbakır prison [in the 1980s] and all the unpunished criminals responsible for the current situation don't play a role here? ... To bring this up is not to justify and accept what the PKK is doing today and what other Kurdish representatives have done in the past. But this is the basis, the source of the issue. Unless we understand this a solution is impossible. Because once we do it becomes clear that the solution lies with the state, which must reform its administration and revise its view of the people. During the phase described as the peace process the AKP seemed to pursue a different course to the official stance we know. But it is becoming clear that it never understood the real depth and gravity of the problem."

Agos - Turkey | 14/03/2014

Lack of justice for Gezi victim fuels anger

The media, business representatives and prominent public figures in Turkey have expressed deep sorrow over the death of the 15-year-old victim of the Gezi Park protests, Berkin Elvan. Since his funeral on Wednesday nationwide demonstrations with hundreds of thousands of participants escalated into violent clashes with the police. The daily of the Armenian minority, Agos, attributes the collective desperation to the lacking rule of law in Turkey: "As with the other Gezi victims, so far no one has been held accountable for the death and no one has been punished. ... When the people's desire for justice is not satisfied they take to the streets. It would be strange if they didn't. Imagine if the police who shot Berkin Elvan were arrested, prosecuted and convicted. It would still be painful, but would the anger be so great? Could even the most skilled provocateur bring the masses on to the streets? First we need justice, then we can calm down."

Agos - Turkey | 28/02/2014

Erdoğan recording exposed divided society

The purported recordings of telephone conversations between Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his son on the subject of bribes are still fuelling debate and protests in Turkey. Agos, the weekly paper of the Armenian minority, sees the dispute as a result of the political culture in Turkey: "In Turkey we have such a skewered collective consciousness that most people judge according to fixed preconceptions. Those who want to believe that the recordings are genuine will do so immediately, and those who see them as fake will even turn this into an ideological issue. ... Because for the latter the recordings are not just an attack on Erdoğan but an attack on themselves, even an act of revenge for their lifestyle. ... This also applies to the other side who vote in the elections so that 'people like us' come into power - because in Turkey people vote not according to political convictions, but according to their lifestyle."

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