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Klaus, Václav

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Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 17/09/2009

Václav Klaus on the lack of a European idea

In a presentation given by Václav Klaus at the invitation of a south German regional paper, the transcript of which the conservative daily Lidové Noviny publishes, the Czech president denies the existence of a European idea: "No one doubts that in the course of time a European civilisation with Judaeo-Christian roots and a concept of human freedom has formed which differs from other parts of the world. … In the past decades we have witnessed on our continent a political attempt to mould a false construct called the EU. In my opinion this attempt is at variance with the original principle, or in other words the European 'idea' of freedom. Europe is not a nation, there is no European people. Europe is not a homogenous ethnic group. It is nothing other than a continental community. … I am happy to be able to live in Europe and belong to it. For me Europe provides the intellectual and cultural framework for my life. But that's all. It does not have a common idea and it won't ever have one. Nor does it need one."

Mladá fronta dnes - Czech Republic | 22/10/2008

Klaus says Sarkozy is on the wrong track

In a guest article for the liberal daily Mladá fronta DNES Czech President Václav Klaus criticises the "crazy" suggestions of his French counterpart for overcoming the crisis on the financial markets. "Those who were fortunate enought not to have lived under communism should not succumb to the fatal fallacy that central planning can eliminate crises. ... This idea ... is a misconception. ... Crises were always used by irresponsible politicians as an excuse for massive state intervention in the economy. Popular fear gives politicians a blank cheque. ... Let us try to revive trust in the banking and financial system. But let us not attempt to erect new, artificial systems that are directed even more than before against a normally functioning market. ... Sarkozy's proposals (and also those of [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel) will not lead to a 'new capitalism.' What they really represent is a return to 'old socialism'."

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