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Klaus, Václav

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Hospodářské noviny - Czech Republic | 24/07/2009

Václav Klaus on overregulation in Europe

"The EU is exploiting the crisis to effect further centralisation," the Czech President Václav Klaus claims in a guest commentary for the business paper Hospodářské Noviny: "It has become a persistent trend to use every opportunity to curb the rights of the member states and transfer decisions to the European level. The reaction of the EU to the financial and economic crisis is typical of this trend. … The main result of the battle against the crisis at the European level is an emphasis on further regulation and the conception of a new model for financial supervision in Europe, passed on the basis of the so-called De Larosière paper. This creates two brand new supranational institutions - the European Systemic Risk Council and the European System of Financial Supervisors. … This leads to the further weakening of the national organs of member states - not only in the area of financial supervision but in economic policy in general. And all this is being done beyond the scope of existing agreements, including the yet to be ratified Treaty of Lisbon."

Mladá fronta dnes - Czech Republic | 05/03/2009

Václav Klaus on misguided attempts at regulation

In an opinion piece for the liberal daily Mladá Fronta Dnes, Czech President Václav Klaus criticises the attempts to solve the global crisis with regulations and stimulus packages: "Politicians have never been as far removed from serving the interests of the citizens as they are today. … I don't intend to lecture Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy, or German Chancellor Angela Merkel on how to revive their national economies in the short-term, but I'm convinced that the solution to today's problems cannot lie in pumping money into the economy which our children and grandchildren will have to repay for many decades to come. This policy of [John Maynard] Keynes has never worked. ... We should concentrate on trying to rid the economy of all those factors that artificially slow it down: bureaucracy, an overblown welfare state, high taxes and insurances, rigid labour laws, the ambitions of environmental activists and cumbersome institutions whose official stamp the economy is forced to wait for. … The biggest mistake now would be to increase regulation. And above all: politicians should avoid intensifying the panic with their dramatic gestures and worried faces."

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna - Poland | 19/05/2008

The EU as a post-democracy

In a commentary for the Polish daily, the conservative Czech President Václav Klaus accuses the EU of centralism and over-regulation. "How do I see Europe today? On the one hand I see an apparent ideological unity which emerged after the collapse of communism. I stress the word 'apparent', because during this period there was a clear, albeit subtle shift on the citizen-state and market economy-planned economy axis. This shift was in a direction which came as a ... complete surprise for us - the citizens of the former Communist Bloc. We wanted to move closer to our citizens, closer to the free market economy and further away from the state and central control. Unfortunately this was not the case. ... I see a freedom that is only freedom in form and a type of democracy that is relentlessly and inexorably turning into a system that controls people's room for manoeuvre more and more. I see a democracy that is turning into a post-democracy. ... The citizen and the politician are moving away from each other as a result of the increasing competences of international institutions - above all the European Union."

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