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Klauški, Tomislav

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Express - Croatia | 26/09/2014

Croatia facing "Weimarisation"

The national-conservative civil initiative "In the Name of the Family" is currently gathering signatures for a referendum aimed at an amendment of Croatia's election law. Last year the initiative launched a successful referendum against gay marriage. Now it wants to plunge Croatia into political chaos, the liberal weekly Express warns: "This referendum is aimed at creating the institutional framework for the 'Weimarisation' of Croatia. Lowering the five percent threshold, banning multi-party lists of candidates and pure preferential voting will open the parliament's door to any number of small parties, demagogues and populists. This kind of system led to the downfall of the Weimar Republic. ... Although it would break with the HDZ- SDP counterpole tandem, Croatia can't afford this kind of destabilisation. Not in a situation where its economy is collapsing, poverty is spreading, nationalists want to ban Cyrillic script, clerics want to ban all gays and bishops want to raise war criminals to the status of moral authority. "

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