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Klaue, Magnus

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Der Freitag - Germany | 28/01/2010

Magnus Klaue on misogynist feminists

It's a misconception that feminists always act in women's best interests, writes Magnus Klaue in German weekly Der Freitag, noting that this becomes particularly clear in their criticism of Islam: "It is mostly 'feminists' who in their function as researchers into gender and post-colonialism have been doing publicity for the reduction of women's rights for years now. The conflict with Islam is just one of their fields of action here. … But what makes postcolonial feminism so unpleasant is not just its tendency to subject everything to psychological analysis but above all the fact that Muslim women don't even play a role in it. They are simply used to provide a catchword, whether it's as self-declared 'victims' or the misguided 'dupes' of Western thinking. Unlike traditional feminism, whose veterans knew exactly on whose side they were, post-modern feminism moves in the same circles it accuses its critics of moving in: it is a reflection of Western female academics in the 'mirror' of the 'others', for whom 'foreign cultures' must play the role of bogeyman."

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