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Klau, Thomas

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Financial Times Deutschland - Germany | 30/10/2008

End of the Bush nightmare

Europe's attitude to Obama and the trans-Atlantic relationship is governed mainly by emotions, not political issues, the Financial Times Deutschland believes. "Life will certainly be uncomfortable with the Democrats, they [the experts and analysts] warn; the saviour will demand that the Europeans send more soldiers to Afghanistan; on trade policy he will yield to the pressure of the protectionists in his party. ... These advocates of cool objectivity are right on every score, and yet they are mistaken all the same. ... No other relationship with a foreign country arouses such strong emotions in the European population as that with the USA. ... After eight years of the culturally alien, politically incompetent, high-handed George W. Bush the trans-Atlantic relationship needs a positive figure to identify with more urgently than at almost any time in its history. The elegant, politically agile and physically sleek Barack Obama is certainly far more capable of offering the Europeans a plane for their positive projections than the odd-ball John McCain."

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