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Klapš, Srečko

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Večer - Slovenia | 13/02/2014

Power suppliers must invest in secure network

One and a half weeks after freezing rain practically paralysed Slovenia's power supply network, thousands of households are still without electricity. The conservative daily Večer criticises the energy companies' lack of provisions for such a situation: "Between 2008 and 2012 alone, investments in the power supply went down by 60 million euros. Yet the electricity suppliers rung up profits of more than 30 million. Why must they pay millions in dividends to the state when the money could be invested in cables, replacing old pylons and maintaining the power lines? The people are finding it harder and harder to pay their electricity bills and it would be unfair to make them pay the cost of repairing all the damage. ... [The electricity suppliers] have raked in over 1.3 billion euros in electricity fees in recent years! What was the money used for? Why are they investing less? We need answers before the country is hit by freezing rain again."

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