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Kläuser, Horst

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Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 30/05/2014

Moscow godfather makes offer you can't refuse

Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus won't be the only members of the Eurasian Union for long, the public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk believes: "An economic and customs union - minus the crown jewel Ukraine, and of course also without the Baltic states - could nevertheless taste a bit like the Soviet Union and whet the appetite for more. Russia is a market for many products manufactured by its poor neighbours who can otherwise hardly compete on the global market. And Russia is the big brother who can give the thumbs up or the thumbs down as it sees fit. The example of Ukraine, the country that dared to follow its own path, can be followed by the current and future partners of the Eurasian Economic Union every day on the television. In this light the invitation from the Kremlin is like an offer you can't refuse, coming from the godfather in Moscow." - Germany | 20/12/2012

Putin at the height of his power

Russia's president has reached the height of his power, meaning it's all downhill from now on, the news portal believes: "Putin controls a state that wants to be constitutional but isn't. Who can believe it's a coincidence that right in the middle of the press conference a judgement was announced reducing the sentence of Russia's most prominent prisoner Mikhail Khodorovsky by two years? Asked whether he influenced the ruling he answered indignantly that of course not - the journalist knows nothing about how the legal system works. ... No doubt about it, Putin is at the zenith of his power. With dialectical skill he deflected criticisms of himself, his style of governing and his country with examples of shortcomings in other countries. This strategy is most effective with the US. He can be sure of the support of the people, and most Russian media as well. But zenith means apex, summit. For the most part that means all paths now lead downwards."

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