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Kitzler, Jan-Christoph

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Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 05/01/2015

Refugee smugglers capitalising on EU policy

The people smugglers' lucrative trade with the plight of refugees is the downside of Europe's policy of sealing itself off to immigrants, the public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk criticises: "Frontex, the border protection agency that is now shedding crocodile tears in Warsaw, can't manage to seal Europe's borders. How could it given the millions of people fleeing their countries right on our doorstep? Turning Europe into an impregnable fortress doesn't work. And the internationally networked, highly professional smuggler gangs are making the most of this. They are part of a fortress industry, part of a system that Europe prefers to ignore. ... Is asylum a human right? Should people who are fleeing wars in Syria, Iraq and Africa and want to save their lives be offered a safe place? Then there must be safe paths to Europe - without people having to risk their lives on the border. But that, it seems, is not what is wanted."

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