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Kitsivelis, Spyros

Protagon, Greece

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1 article of this author has been cited in the European Press Review so far. - Greece | 18/03/2014

Air travel remains a game of hit and miss

Ten days after the mysterious disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, 26 nations have now joined in the search. The web portal Protagon doubts that air travel is as safe as people make it out to be: "Of course progress has been made. The number of flights has increased exponentially, but the frequency of accidents and deaths has remained practically unchanged for the last 60 years. To say nothing of the fact that in recent years terrorism has become a new factor of uncertainty. In the 21st century it really shouldn't take so long to find aircraft debris. ... One wonders how it's possible that we have the technology to recognise the colour of a person's underwear through their clothes, yet we're unable to locate a plane whose movement was supposedly under constant observation. We're planning to conquer new planets, but taking a plane is still like playing the lottery."

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