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Kist, Reinier

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NRC next - Netherlands | 22/11/2013

The return of Dutch political correctness

Gordon, the popular Dutch singer and jury member of the TV show Holland's Got Talent, sparked a wave of international indignation recently after making racist jokes about a Chinese contestant. US media were also quick to respond. The liberal daily sees a positive trend: "Political correctness is making a comeback in the Netherlands. But that takes strong allies. ... The Gordon debate was only sparked when the US media took up the story. ... Users posted in the Dutch social networks: 'When I'm abroad I'm sometimes embarrassed to say I come from the Netherlands.' This reflex speaks volumes: clearly it's not just enough to say: 'I don't think Gordon's remarks were okay.' Instead people are arguing: 'The Americans are calling Gordon racist. So he must be.' ... Is that a bad thing? Ah, if all this racist talk finally stops, who cares if it's with a little help from abroad?"

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