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Kiss, Gergely

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Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 11/02/2015

Economic boom helps Hungary's banks

Hungary's right-wing conservative government announced at the start of the week plans to gradually lower the banking tax as of 2016. According to the conservative daily Magyar Nemzet the government has begun a new chapter in its tense relations with the financial sector: "Why now, of all times? Apparently there is no talk of the government having realised how badly the financial institutes in Hungary are doing. ... It's simply about how the positive trend in the Hungarian budget in recent years has made lower taxation possible. And that the Hungarian economy is growing rapidly and employment is also on the rise. ... In short: the present economic circumstances make it possible to lower the bank tax. And as a result of the tax cut we can expect banks to start lending more to companies, which will further boost economic growth."

Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 20/11/2013

Hungarian economy in the clear

Hungary's economy grew by 1.7 percent the third quarter of this year. The conservative daily Magyar Nemzet is delighted that the country is finally out of the doldrums: "Hungary first had to get its budget in order. ... Financial consolidation was indispensable, although it hindered growth for a time. That cost us three years, but now we're in the clear. Not only has  the EU's excessive deficit procedure [which lasted from 2004 to 2013] against us been dropped, we have also been able to pay back the last tranche of the IMF's loan. Victor Orbán's government took big risks, but it paid off. ... Now it's time to stimulate the economy. To this end a loan programme by the National Bank aimed at boosting investments will help. Consumption has also risen, thanks to low inflation and the growth of real wages."

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