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Kiselinzew, Tschawdar

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Monitor - Bulgaria | 02/09/2008

The new multi-polar world

Monitor newspaper writes that the Caucasus conflict has revealed the new face of world politics. "The conflict in Georgia escalated into a major international crisis and highlighted some fundamental changes. There is no need to speak of a new Cold War, because we no longer have the global opposition of West and East locked in ideological conflict. ... Certainly, we cannot yet talk of a unified Europe, united in NATO and the EU, with its doors open to the east. Apparently the voices of concern from across the Atlantic which cast Russia in the role of a geopolitical counterweight to the US are not exaggerated. In this geopolitical panorama, the influence of the new Asian colossus cannot be overstressed. After roughly 20 years of American dominance, we have entered a multi-polar world. Its centres are first and foremost the American global power, but also the EU, Russia and China - and soon India as well. Until now the hegemony of the US has been advantageous in maintaining global stability. But after the conflict in Georgia it has become clear that those times are gone."

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