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Kiriakou, Zacharias

Simerini, Cyrpus

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Simerini - Cyprus | 19/10/2009

The fight against hooliganism must go on

In its Sunday edition the Cypriot daily Simerini criticises the stance of Cypriot politicians on hooliganism at football stadiums: "The monster of hooliganism has returned to the sport stadiums. … The average person asks: How can it be possible that the state still hasn't got this phenomenon under control? Why is it so frequent in Cyprus? … Those in power should answer the question. And they should find the solutions. The presidents of the Cypriot Republic have repeatedly tried to tackle this phenomenon. … And we can still hear the echo of their grave declarations that hooliganism will be defeated. But in the end it is invincible. … They shouldn't tell us that they don't know what to do. Since 1996 they have at their disposition a package of guidelines devised by experts of the Council of Europe who examined the problem in great detail and have managed to solve it in England and the Netherlands."

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