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King, Steven

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Irish Examiner - Ireland | 12/12/2007

Immigration in the age of communications technology

Columnist Steven King fears integration of east Europeans migrants in Ireland could be slowed down as they keep strong ties with their home country through medias. "Modern communications allow migrants to be physically in one place but emotionally and intellectually in another. Migrants nowadays can keep closely in touch with home by watching satellite TV, reading newspapers written in their mother tongue (not least on the internet), chatting with family and friends for a few cent a minute, and travelling back to their country of origin as cheaply as taking a train from Dublin to Cork. In many ways, this is one of globalisation's upsides. The downside is that coming here no longer means really leaving there. We can sometimes be closer to people thousands of miles away than we are to our next door neighbour. That is fragmenting the nation state deeply. It would be fine if we had a substitute for the nation state, but we don't and, therefore, it is not fine."

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