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Kilian, Martin


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Tages-Anzeiger - Switzerland | 15/08/2013

US prefers brutal army to Islamists

As in the past, the US prefers to back Egypt's brutal but controllable army rather than potential US critics, the daily Tages-Anzeiger comments: "Obama knows that the American electorate doesn't want to be dragged into another Middle East adventure in the foreseeable future. ... So the same will apply to Egypt as applied to Syria: America wants stability; under no circumstances are radical Islamic forces to gain power or occupy geographical niches. … It seem Obama took his foreign policy lessons from Henry Kissinger. Commenting on Salvador Allende's imminent victory in Chile in 1970, Kissinger said he didn't see why the US should stand by and watch a country go communist because of the irresponsibility of its own people. Substitute 'communist' with 'Islamist' and history repeats itself. Who would have believed it?"

Tages-Anzeiger - Switzerland | 18/10/2012

Thrilling TV debate between Obama and Romney

The televised debate between US President Barack Obama and his challenger Mitt Romney on Tuesday evening was a moment of glory for American democracy, the liberal daily Tages-Anzeiger writes: "At times the debate turned into a verbal fist fight in which both were determined to win. ... The Republican sees himself as a successful businessman and blames America's economic woes on the president, who he considers a rank amateur. ... Obama, for his part, scoffed that Romney wanted to sell the Americans a grab bag full of futile and dangerous goods that they would sorely regret if they were foolhardy enough to take him up on the offer. ... If he had the choice, the experienced businessman Romney would be the first to reject his own 'half-baked deal' on taxes and balancing the budget, Obama affirmed. ... The president managed to bring home the historic significance of the election: Romney's political intentions amounted to dismantling the social state and cementing the growing division of US society into classes."

Tages-Anzeiger - Switzerland | 03/11/2010

Political blockade endangers the future of the US

The Republicans' comeback in the US midterm elections is not only bad news for President Barack Obama but also for the country as a whole, writes the left-liberal daily Tages-Anzeiger: "This new splintering of power in Washington, where the Republicans will now control the House of Representatives and the Democrats the Senate and the White House, will probably culminate in a political stalemate. Instead of initiating the long overdue overhaul of this struggling superpower whose citizens are plagued by fears of loss of power and decline, the new balance of power in Washington could trigger fresh chaos. In view of the many unsolved problems not only Barack Obama's presidency but the future of the entire United States is at stake here. If after two years of obstruction and refusal the Republicans fail to assume political responsibility in the wake of their election victory, with all eyes already focused on the 2012 elections, it will be impossible to govern in Washington. The consequences would be far-reaching."

Tages-Anzeiger - Switzerland | 26/05/2010

Oil disaster testifies to crisis capitalism

Lacking state control is one of the factors that led to the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The left-liberal Tages-Anzeiger sees signs of crisis capitalism and draws a comparison with the US bank crisis: "How similar these two pictures are: In Louisiana the oil industry was sometimes allowed to fill in its own inspection reports while in Washington the lobbyists of the New York banks drew up deregulation laws that promptly received the blessing of Congress. The bottom line in both cases is that profits are privatised while losses are nationalised. It is hardly to be expected that oil company BP will be able to cover the already astronomic costs of this environmental disaster. Instead the taxpayer and the communities lining the Gulf coast will have to foot the bill for damage that was the result of technological arrogance and lacking state supervision - a classic example of crisis capitalism in urgent need of reform before it destroys us."

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