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Kijowska, Marta

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Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | 11/12/2007

Poland's literary scene is being shaken up

Women and homosexuals have reached a turning point in Poland - but only in literary circles for now, writes Marta Kijowska: "Just as most female writers keep their distance from the women's movement, gay authors have taken little action to promote the cause of their 'sisters'. However they don't really have to : with their books and the public admission of their homosexuality they contribute more to the movement than anyone else. And this contribution is bitterly needed. The intolerance towards anything different fanned by the defeated Kaczynski government was repeatedly criticised, but in the case of homosexuals it fell on fertile ground. Only recently, 84 % of respondents in a survey said they couldn't imagine a gay politician at the helm of the Polish state."

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