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Kiis, Margus

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Delfi - Estonia | 27/06/2012

Estonians want an infallible government

Despite various scandals, including the current illegal party funds affair, the liberal Reform Party led by Estonia's Prime Minister Andrus Ansip remains as popular as ever. Historian Margus Kiis argues in the news portal Delfi that this is due to the post-Soviet mentality still prevalent in the country: "The voters still want a divine parliamentary faction based on the former Communist Party model that never questions its own infallibility. According to this view the mistakes are made only by individual weaklings or inferior members who have somehow wormed their way into the faction, so the party sees no need to apologise. … The citizens want to be ruled with an iron fist. They see this infallibility as a strength. The politicians of the Reform Party are exploiting this; they know how to manipulate citizens who are too lazy to think for themselves."

Eesti Päevaleht - Estonia | 19/05/2008

A mediocre Eurovision Song Contest

Estonian music critic Margus Kiis finds the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 mediocre: "When I listen to the 42 songs that are competing this year I can only say one thing to the people of Europe: You should be ashamed of yourselves! You are trying to be pseudo-Brits, Pseudo-Germans and even pseudo-Italians - anything but proper countrymen. It is truly embarrassing that there are fewer national elements than there have been for years, and when even the French start to sing in English it is the beginning of the end. Yet the original idea behind Eurovision was to find a European answer to American rock 'n' roll. ... At least the Estonians have one advantage over all the fat men in hetero get-up: their breakneck chorus. And because Europeans have terrible taste in music and a weird sense of humour and are tired of the traditional 'Eurovision' fare, 'Kreisiraadio' has a real chance of winning. After all, we have nothing to lose."

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