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Kiin, Sirje

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Postimees - Estonia | 05/03/2009

Digitalisation is good for Estonian literature

Writing in the daily Postimees author Sirje Kiin backs Internet company Google's idea of digitalising Estonian books. Estonian books would then be more accessible abroad, he notes: "Estonian authors are behaving like an anthill into which something has been thrown, but no one knows exactly what. Everywhere there is blind panic driven by the fear that a great foreign giant could gobble up all our little books, including the copyrights! … Google is undertaking a cultural task which we so far have failed to accomplish. A slow folk of the forests like the Estonians naturally hesitates before it prepares to pounce, and the Estonian culture portal that has been in planning for years has yet to be put into action. Digital access to Estonia's cultural heritage is therefore certainly better than no access at all."

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