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Kiesel, Véronique

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Le Soir - Belgium | 17/12/2014

High time for a new Cuba policy

Obama is right to improve relations with Cuba because the course steered up to now has led to a dead end, the liberal daily Le Soir observes: "The policy with which the US tried to isolate Cuba for the past 50 years has proved inefficient because a Castro is still in power there. As relations between Washington and Moscow increasingly take on the unpleasant odour of the Cold War, the US president has decided to have done with this bothersome legacy from the 1960s in the country's own backyard. Opening the door to Cuba will allow the free movement of politicians, people and ideas. A salutary wind of change that has already led to the release of political prisoners. Cuba has also changed and opened up, at least in economic terms. Obama has caught the pass that was aimed his way. It was about time too."

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