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Kielos, Katrine

Redakteurin bei Aftonbladet

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Aftonbladet - Sweden | 10/11/2011

Only the ECB can help

The European Central Bank must buy up Italy's government bonds, the left-liberal tabloid Aftonbladet urges in reaction to the record premiums on the Italian securities. "To save Italy and the euro the ECB must do the same as the US Federal Reserve did. During the financial crisis of 2008 it bought up an almost unlimited amount of high-risk securities. In the same way the ECB could temporarily buy worthless government bonds now. But Germany won't allow this. The ECB is the only central bank in the world that refuses to assume responsibility for the financial system it guarantees. ... Because it is paranoid about inflation."

Aftonbladet - Sweden | 24/05/2011

Sweden must control its king

Sweden's King Carl XVI. Gustaf is once more in the headlines. Now a book on organised crime in Sweden tells how a friend of the king wanted to convince a well-known criminal to furnish denials of the monarch's extravagant lifestyle. The tabloid Aftonbladet calls for stricter controls on the royal family: "Sweden is a constitutional monarchy and the king is our head of state. He and the royal household  have their own budget - a good 13 million euros in 2010. The royal family is like a state-financed public authority with a somewhat different set of activities. If Sweden is to keep the monarchy we need a system just like we have for other institutions, with which the royal house can be monitored and held accountable. Today there is no means of checking up on the royal family anchored in the constitution, and that same constitution forbids the monarch from being indicted. That is nonsense."

Expressen - Sweden | 09/06/2010

Dangerous euro

The new measures against euro countries that fail on budgetary discipline make sense in the eyes of the daily Aftonbladet, but the newspaper nonetheless calls the euro into question: "If a country was forced to leave the Eurozone the euro would seem like an exchange rate mechanism rather than a monetary union. And exchange rate mechanisms often collapse. … Regardless of what we think of the euro we can't allow it to die. The repercussions would be devastating. The lessons are clear: The attempt to unite countries in a Monetary Union can multiply political differences of opinion. The Monetary Union could weaken the EU, not strengthen it. We don't know what will happen. All we know is that we live in the region of the world that is most defined by interdependence, and that we must find a way to deal with this."

Aftonbladet - Sweden | 11/05/2010

Time for social policies

Gordon Brown's announcement that he will resign as leader of the Labour Party opens new possibilities in the post-New Labour era, writes the social democratic daily Aftonbladet: "Brown has gone and Labour - unlike social democracy in Sweden - has a new generation of politicians bent on taking the party forward. That helps. The party has an active economic policy and promotes industry, and last year's discussion on equal rights was lively indeed. New Labour carried through major reforms in its fight against poverty, but hardly dared talk about them for fear of scaring off centrist voters. Today the zeitgeist has changed."

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