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Kibouropoulos, Giannis

Ependitis,Avgi,Dromos, Greece

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O Kosmos tou Ependiti - Greece | 13/02/2011

Giannis Kibouropoulos defends Greece's non-payers

In Greece the non-payers movement is growing. It consists of people who refuse to pay the higher tolls and fares for travel on local public transport which have gone up by 40 percent. The government plans to take tougher action against these people but demonising them will be counterproductive, writes columnist Giannis Kibouropulos in the business paper O Kosmos tou Ependiti: "The commercialisation of public assets has become the new El Dorado of capitalism and its last hope of boosting its profits. ... Neo-liberalism has set itself the goal of conquering all the areas of activity of the welfare state. ... Road construction was gradually taken over by diverse contractors, and then passed into 'co-financing' and finally ended up being completely privatised like the national road network. ... So demonising the free movement and the non-payers is not as innocent as it may seem. The opponents of the non-payers are not defending a universal right, they simply want to legitimise a new form of public handling of public assets in which the state is not just a guarantor for the privatisation of public assets but also for the profits of the companies which have taken control of those assets."

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