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Kharatyan, Kirill

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Wedomosti - Russia | 03/02/2015

Global perspectives: Russia disappointed with Tsipras

After just a week in office the government of the left-wing Syriza alliance has disappointed the hopes its election had inspired in Russia, journalist Kirill Kharatian writes in the Russian daily Wedomosti: "A Eurosceptic environment has allowed Tsipras to say that Greece is the guinea pig of Europe, that five years of pain and humiliation would be forgotten with a Syriza victory, that the victory of leftist parties would send a signal for real democracy across Europe, that the troika has no business bossing Greece around, etc. ... Even Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov promised financial aid to Greece. Unfortunately Alexis Tsipras has not become a hero for Russia. Because he's already let on that Greece never so much as considered not fulfilling its obligations to its creditors. ... All that just a week after the elections."

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