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Keyman, Fuat

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Radikal - Turkey | 05/03/2014

Another centre of conflict close to Turkey

Russian warships sailed across the Bosporus yesterday, heading for the Crimea. The conflict there could also have massive repercussions for Turkey, the liberal daily Radikal warns: "The Ukraine-Crimea crisis can spark a second Cold War between Russia and the West and turn the Black Sea into an exercise area. We know that on the balance of strategic and security policy interests, Ukraine and the Crimea weigh considerably more than Syria, for example. ... Obama is attempting to prevent Putin from taking further steps. Everyone knows: if he fails, the Ukraine-Crimea crisis could quickly spread to Georgia and Belarus. South-eastern Turkey is already suffering from the crises in Iraq, and particularly in Syria. If the north is now endangered by the Ukraine-Crimea crisis, we'll be in for hard times."

Milliyet - Turkey | 04/09/2013

Syria intervention could destabilise Turkey

Turkey has been demanding a change of regime in Syria for months and therefore backs military intervention against its neighbour to the south. However such a move carries a number of risks, the conservative daily Milliyet warns: "Firstly, the Assad regime could fire chemical weapons or other missiles at Turkey. Secondly, it could carry out terrorist attacks like that in Reyhanlı. Thirdly, it could come to provocations that aggravate tensions [between Alevis and Sunnis]. Fourthly, acts may occur that could torpedo the peace process [with the Kurdish PKK]. The PKK problem could return and the Kurdish issue could become unsolvable once more. ... It must be stressed that neither the US nor Nato will help us face these risks. Turkey must defend itself. This we must bear in mind."

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