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Keulen, Jan

is a Dutch journalist and media development consultant.

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Al Jazeera - Qatar | 15/07/2015

Greek crisis: Jan Keulen on the EU's fading brilliance

The Greek crisis has done lasting harm to the EU's self-image, the website of the Qatari broadcaster Al Jazeera believes: "For decades the EU led the way as a model of sovereign states working together to ensure a common approach to tackle issues of economy, peace and war, migration, climate, etc. … The emotions and disputes raised by the Greek crisis seem to have overshadowed this traditional European success story completely. European leaders do use words like 'trust', 'unanimity', 'solidarity', and 'shared responsibility' all the time, but they seem to lack real substance. The eurozone leadership, led by Germany, lost its trust in Tsipras and Syriza; hence the cast-iron guarantees they demanded Athens in order to sign a deal. The Greek and many other South Europeans lost their trust in Germany, seen as the new coloniser and killer of the European project."

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