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Keskinen, Jyrkinen

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Helsingin Sanomat - Finland | 21/11/2008

Marjut Jyrkinen and Suvi Keskinen on violence against women in Finland

Violence against women is a major problem in Finnish society, as Marjut Jyrkinen and Suvi Keskinen of the University of Tampere illustrate in a commentary for Finland's biggest daily Helsingin Sanomat: "The most recent family tragedies - four dead in Oulu, and now two in Porvoo and Helsinki - are attributed to financial difficulties, depression and the 'pain of failure'. There are misleading references to deaths in the family and extended suicides. ... Finland is a prosperous state in which everybody is doing pretty well, yet almost once a fortnight a woman is killed by her current or former spouse. ... In proportion to its population Finland is among those countries in which the rate of killings of women is highest. Male violence against women is a widespread and serious problem in Finland. ... It is a typical feature of violence against women that it is not confined to isolated incidents but repeats itself and becomes increasingly intense. ... Violence and abuse of power are seldom arbitrary. ... The traditional male image is still widespread in Finland, even though the role of women and their skills have radically changed over the past few decades."

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