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Keskinen, Juha

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Iltalehti - Finland | 07/04/2015

Trust and stability are called for

Greece must restore the trust it has lost, the tabloid Iltalehti believes: "The Greek government has made enough declarations. ... The time has come for the country to keep its promises and pay the outstanding instalments. One of the many things that are lacking at the moment is trust in the current Greek government, which should be seeking to foster such trust on a long-term basis. ... It's too bad that after all the government's toing and froing, the Greek economy is showing no more signs of growing and is instead once again contracting. Trust and stability are needed for Greece to get back on its feet economically. ... Far too much political attention has been paid to the country's economic problems in the entire Eurozone. Now that the Eurozone economy is once again growing, the crisis countries are also reaping the benefits. Greece's problems aren't over by a long shot, but hopefully the Greek government will do all it can to move the country forward."

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