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Keshavjee, Faranaz

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Blog Crónicas de uma muçulmana - Portugal | 26/03/2011

Faranaz Keshavjee wants more women in Portuguese politics

In view of the present crisis in Portugal and the upcoming new elections Faranaz Keshavjee calls in her blog Crónicas de uma muçulmana for the weekly magazine Expresso for more women in politics: "We are ... paying for the successive failure of governments since António Guterres [1995-2002]. ... Spending on expensive highway roads, excessive roundabouts with the most appalling bad taste sculptures, luxurious football stadiums abandoned and empty. And yes, subtle but not unnoticed 'friends' employed in big companies earning massive and shameful salaries in a country which is now running naked for foreign funding. ... I do not find problems in sacrificing even more. The real problem is that I do not see myself represented in any of the potential candidates to Prime Ministers of this country in crisis. ... What is really shamefully unacceptable is the lack of women candidates. Are there no women available? Of course there are! ... Women are socially and culturally prepared to have a wider vision of the world and of the needs of real people. Could we actually make this change? I say: 'Yes we can'.

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