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Kerre, Elīna

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Diena - Latvia | 06/10/2013

Sentimental Latvians love their "Lat it be"

Three months before Latvia introduces the euro, a song bidding farewell to the country's currency, the lats, has become a Youtube hit. In the song "Paldies latiņam" (Thank you, little lats), the British-German duo "Ārzemnieki" ("the foreigners") sings in pidgin Latvian about their experiences with the currency. The daily Diena explains why the song is such a hit: "For one thing the song is so popular because we all know we'll never use the lats again. The song is like a monument to the Latvian currency, and harks back to the old Latvian folk songs. ... Why do we have to try out something new when what we've got is good enough? the song asks. This schlockiness is certainly one of the reasons why many Latvians love the song. Within just a few weeks the video, which ends with the modified Beatles lyric 'Lat it be', has been viewed almost a hundred thousand times."

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