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Kerraz, Nadia

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El Moudjahid - Algeria | 18/08/2015

Nadia Kerraz predicts the downfall of the IS

With its crimes the terrorist group "Islamic State" is violating the very principles of Islam it claims to be fighting for and for that reason it won't endure, writes Nadia Kerraz, a journalist with the pro-government daily El Moudjahid: "The things the IS does on a daily basis and the atrocities its members commit stand in total contradiction to the teachings of Islam... 'Whoever kills a person ... it is as though he has killed all mankind. (5:32). Persecution and causing chaos are heinous sins. (2:217)'. Must one also point out that the Koran speaks of 'peace, justice and human rights'? … Therefore the collapse of an organisation that spreads chaos and commits crimes in the name of Islam is only a matter of time. No Muslim worthy of the name can accept people being killed and women being raped in the name of this religion that has been practised for more than 1,000 years. But the fight against the IS requires political determination. It is no mere coincidence that the group has taken root in crisis-ridden countries. The example of Libya speaks volumes. Political instability is a breeding ground for terrorism."

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