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Kerevan, George

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The Scotsman - United Kingdom | 11/01/2013

US fears Brexit

US politician Philip Gordon, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, on Thursday warned the UK against exiting the Eurozone. The daily newspaper The Scotsman can understand the US position on the issue, noting that it benefits from Britain's EU membership: "The truth is that Gordon's warning that the US administration is against Britain quitting the EU is hardly a revelation. This has been the standard American position for 30 years, shared by both Republican and Democratic administrations. It is not just that the White House fears fragmentation among its European allies. More practically, US presidents have always relied on the UK to act as a proxy for American interests inside the EU, to head off the tendency of the French and (increasingly) the Germans to pursue their own diplomatic line. ... Sometime in the foreseeable future the UK is going to revise its relationship with the rest of Europe, probably following a referendum after the 2015 general election. This may turn out to be more of a legal separation than outright divorce, but the status quo cannot hold. Washington needs to take that into account."

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