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Keret, Etgar

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El País - Spain | 15/07/2014

Seek agreement, not peace

If a solution is to be found to the Middle East conflict the term "peace" should be replaced with the more realistic term "agreement", Israeli writer Etgar Keret writes in the left-liberal daily El País: "Somehow it seems to me that God won't send us peace so quickly. We must try to achieve it ourselves. And neither of the two sides will be given peace on a plate, because peace by definition only comes through mutual concessions. ... So the first of many steps should be to avoid the word 'peace' which has long since acquired supernatural and god-given connotations on the left and right, and talk instead of an 'agreement'. The expression may incite less enthusiasm but at least it reminds us that the solution won't come as a gift from God but depends on whether we can persist with a difficult and not always satisfactory dialogue with the other side."

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