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Kerék-Bárczy, Szabolcs

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Népszabadság - Hungary | 31/03/2011

New Hungarian constitution based on lies

The debate over the new Hungarian constitution continues. Even the preamble is backward-looking and false, the left-liberal daily Népszabadság comments: "The main problem with the preamble to the new constitution, entitled the 'National Creed', is that it basically forbids any examination of the past. It is founded on false premises and exclusion. Moreover it builds on all the pipe dreams that have existed for centuries in Hungarians' collective consciousness. Its language is so archaic and out of touch with reality that the generations who grew up after the world war will hardly be able to identify with it. ... It is an admission of our own weakness when we pride ourselves on being a great nation but at the same time ignore the ignominious chapters in our past. We have always had a tendency to do this. This is why we always insist on blaming others when we are confronted with unpleasant aspects of our past."

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