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Ker-Lindsay, James

Senior research fellow in European and international studies at Kingston University. Among his books is EU Accession and UN Peacemaking in Cyprus (Palgrave, 2005)

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openDemocracy - United Kingdom | 22/02/2008

Cyprus chooses a communist president

James Ker-Lindsay, director of the Civilitas network, notes a general assumption that the election results will lead to an immediate resumption of peace talks between the two sides. "While it would certainly be good to see the Greek and Turkish Cypriots re-engage in discussions as soon as possible, the international community must be careful not to be seen to put too much pressure on the new leader if he doesn't make an immediate dash for the negotiating table. For domestic reasons, the next president may have to act with a certain degree of caution. If he appears to be rushed into a settlement, and have simply accepted whatever was put on the table, it could well backfire. ... The new president will also have to build up support amongst Greek Cypriots. This will be tougher than many outside observers perhaps realise. ... Many people will want to be sure that questions relating to security, property, refugees, settlers, the economy and the constitution are dealt with properly."

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