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Kenessey, Csaba

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Magyar Hírlap - Hungary | 11/06/2008

Foreign media paints a distorted picture

The Hungarian daily complains that foreign media convey a distorted image of Hungary. It points to a report in the German weekly Der Spiegel about right-wing extremists as the most recent example: "Gradually, it seems, we will just have to get used to Western correspondents not writing about what happens in Hungary or what we Hungarians are concerned with. Instead they prefer to write about matters that serve the interests of influential groups in politics and the economy. ... For those who know the facts and the reality of the situation this is confusing - they can find no trace of Hungarian reality in this image. ... It is a pity that the Spiegel reporter did not even take the trouble to draw a comparison between Germany and Hungary. Synagogues are not set on fire in Hungary; on the contrary, they are lovingly restored. Nor are foreigners stabbed on the street because of their skin colour - and we could list many more such comparisons between the two countries."

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