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Kelner, Simon

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The Independent - United Kingdom | 19/02/2015

Daily Telegraph yielded to HSBC

The chief political commentator of The Daily Telegraph, Peter Oborne, resigned last week because in his view the paper failed to give the tax scandal at the HSBC bank adequate coverage for fear of losing advertising revenues. This type of commercially motivated self-censorship puts the very existence of the media at stake, the left-liberal daily The Independent warns: "In other newspapers, the sword of truth may be blunted by commercial interests - witness the Murdoch papers' coverage of the phone-hacking scandal - but the Telegraph was putting the interests of advertisers ahead of readers. ... In so doing, the paper put at risk its most precious asset - the bond of trust with its readers. That realisation may have belatedly sunk in: yesterday the Telegraph put the story that Swiss prosecutors had raided the HSBC offices on its front page."

The Independent - United Kingdom | 13/01/2015

Lack of respect still prevails

With their latest edition the team of Charlie Hebdo unfortunately once again disregards the feelings of Muslims, the left-liberal daily The Independent criticises: "If society is to function, rights must be balanced by responsibilities, and liberty is one half of an equation. So, as far as freedom of expression is concerned, the other part of the equation is respect. This means we shouldn't go out of our way to offend and insult one sector of society just because we are expressing our inalienable right to say what we like. In that respect, this week's front cover of Charlie Hebdo is particularly troubling for those of us of a liberal bent. We will be more successful in protecting the freedoms we hold dear, and which will come under increasing threat in the decades to come, if we treat them with respect now."

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