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Kellermann, Florian

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Deutschlandradio Kultur - Germany | 31/12/2015

Poles don't need sermons from Brussels

Poland can do without Brussels' finger wagging, writes the public service broadcaster Deutschlandradio Kultur: "The Poles must draw their own conclusions about their present government. After all, they must have known how the PiS's leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski is. He was prime minister just under ten years ago. And let's not forget that many young voters cast their ballots for the PiS and even for far more populist parties. They should experience the consequences of this party's partially irresponsible programme for their country. If they are already starting to have doubts about the wisdom of their choice Brussels' sermonising will only be counter-productive."

Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 22/11/2015

Blackout in Crimea highlights instability

Much of Crimea was left without electricity on Sunday when several transmission towers were blown up. According to russian news reports, Ukrainian nationalists and Crimean Tartars carried out the attacks. The blackout puts a spotlight on instability in the region, the public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk writes: "President Poroshenko is treading on increasingly thin ice. ... Radical groups believe they have the right to take matters into their own hands. In their eyes Poroshenko's strategy of negotiating a peaceful resolution to the conflict with Russia has failed. ... But when the lights went out on the peninsula last night, it also put a spotlight on Russia's annexation of Crimea. In one and a half years Moscow has still not managed to make the peninsula independent from the Ukrainian mainland, even though it had promised the inhabitants of Crimea that it would do just that."

Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 23/08/2014

Chancellor right to show support for Kiev

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's firm support for President Poroshenko is the right response, the public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk writes in praise: "That's what Ukraine needs. It's currently in the worst situation since the declaration of independence in 1991 - for the most part through no fault of its own. Moscow decided to destabilise its neighbour after the pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych fled the country. ... The chancellor's visit made it clear that Germany is no longer orienting its policies vis-à-vis Ukraine and Russia solely on the basis of its business interests, as was still the case in the spring. Instead, she convinced the Ukrainians that Berlin has assumed its responsibility. Merkel also pointed to one of the most important demands that must now be made of Russia: international monitoring of the Russian-Ukrainian border."

Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 28/01/2014

A good time for a peaceful solution

Following repeated appeals from opposition leader Vitali Klitschko, among others, radical protesters ended their occupation of the Justice Ministry in Kiev on Monday. This raises hopes of a de-escalation of the tensions in the country, the public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk comments: "This is a good prerequisite for the planned negotiations between opposition politicians and President Viktor Yanukovych and tomorrow's special parliamentary session. If the MPs, including those from Yanukovych's Party of the Regions, close ranks, an important step towards a peaceful solution can be made. It could consist in the Supreme Council repealing the anti-democratic laws passed over a week ago. ... At least the opposition politicians finally seem to be working as a team. ... And just in time, because this is a favourable moment for Yanukovych's opponents. The head of state is under pressure not just from the people on the streets but also from the oligarchs, most of whom have supported him so far but are now insisting on a peaceful solution."

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